Four Percent Review For 2020

Four Percent


Quality of product




Easy to use


Value for money



  • Lot of Training
  • Premium High Class Courses
  • Great Community
  • Different Income Streams


  • Must qualify to promote
  • Price

If you are thinking about joining The Four Percent Group by Vick Strizheus you might want to read this review before you join. I cut through a lot of the hype and provide you with all the relevant information to decide for yourself. Is it something worth joining? Can I get the results I wish? Can I make Money with this System? I am trying to answer all these questions.

Who is Vick Strizheus?

Vick is Founder of the Four Percent Group, an Online Marketer but foremost he is a Motivator. He is all about changing mindsets, personal development and personal empowerment. He challenges you because he wants you to have the life you deserve. His goal is for you to overcome your obstacles, to become successful not only financially but in other areas like family and personal life as well.

What is The Four Percent Group?

The Four Percent Group (aka 4% Group / FourPercent) by Vick Strizheus is an innovative online marketing platform. You could say that the 4Percent Group is an online marketing training course, that provides you with all the knowledge you need to become a successful Online Marketer but this is by far not all what the 4 Percent Group provides.

It’s not only about learning and the transfer of knowledge It’s more like a “Business in a Box” kind of deal. You’re not only given all the knowledge and training but also provided with all the rest you need to get started and become successful. The Program gives you all the strategies, blueprints, funnels, products, tools, resources, connections, … and much more while automating the whole process, so It’s as easy as possible and much less hard work for you.

What are the Main Features of the 4 Percent Group?

  • 14+ Hours Of Online Marketing Business Training
  • Done For You (DFY) Branding (7Steps, TEC Mastermind, 4 Percent)
  • High Commission Products for You to Promote (Pro Version)
  • Step for Step Training to Set You up with Your first Affiliate Product
  • DFY Blueprints, Funnels and Sales- and Landingpages
  • Active private Facebook Group
  • Multiple Streams of Income through further Commissions (Pro Version)
  • Nice Community
  • Helpful and fast Support Ticket System (I got my answer within minutes)

What is that Step by Step Training all about?

Step 1: “The big Plan”

In the first step Vick is revealing his vision and general strategies. He explains how the whole process is working. As always, Vick has his own motivating and energizing explaining style.

Step 2: Payment Account Setup

In this step Vick will guide you with a lot of information to set up your 4 Percent account and the 4 Percent System, so you can get a steady repetitive flow of monthly income from multiple sources.

Step 3: Funnels Setup

As a free member you have access to certain done for you funnels (paid members have access to some more). These funnels are already fully setup and tested, so you can be sure, that they convert well. In this Step you will learn how to structure your funnels and how to use them in order to maximize your income through commissions.

Step 4: Activating Multiple Streams of Income

In this Step you set up your affiliate accounts with different vendors, so you can start getting a steady flow of income from multiple sources.

Step 5: Activate Your power-Base, Get Results Fast

This Step is all about Social Media and the Resources you already have access to. Vick gives you the information and various promotion material, so everything is ready for you to take action and start going.

Step 6: Get Connected

This Step is about making sure, you are fully connected within the 4 Percent Community. Just follow Vicks instructions and you will have access to all the information and support you will need.

Step 6: Start Operation $100K Training

Now that you are fully Setup and start making money, the core Training Program is starting with the goal to bring you to a yearly Income of $100K. This is the Training Program where you are learning bringing your running online business to the next level. As Vick is saying in his unique way to ‘dominate the market’.

What is inside the Members Area?

4Percent menu

Actually there is quite a lot of content as you can see from the Screenshot I took of the menu. The 7-STEPS Funnel and the TEC Mastermind Funnel are completely accessible as there are the Webinars and the first Episodes of the Operation $100K. Behind some menu items though there is no content at the moment as there is some content still to come.


Q: So, can I make Money with The 4 Percent Group?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: Who should join?
A: The 4 Percent Group is for everyone from the inexperienced Beginner to the Professional Marketer.

Q: Who should not join?
A: Everyone looking for a „push button get rich” solution. Everyone who is not willing to follow the path Vick laid out for you. Although everything is more or less done for you, you need to take Action!

Q: Do I have to join the paid Pro Version to get something out of it?
A: Definitely No: Although I strongly recommend to join the paid Pro Program, so you can activate your Multiple Streams of Income, you still can work with the FREE Version and make good Money.

Q: What is the next Step if I want to check it out?
A: I recommend, you get your FREE Four Percent account HERE and follow the Steps, as Vick is explaining in the Videos.

Four Percent – Should I get it?

If you are looking for a done for you (DFY) system with several streams of income that also includes a lot of high class courses that teach you all aspects of Affiliate Marketing, the Four Percent System is probably the right choice for you.