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„Over 10,000 leads but I was unable to make a single sale…

I know how hard it is to make money online.

My own journey as an online marketer started a couple of years ago…

I was sitting in a meeting with a potential client… again.

I had heard these questions a thousand times before: Do I really need pictures on my website?

Should I show the faces of my whole team?

It was 2015 in former eastern Germany, and I was frustrated.

It wasn’t that I didn’t like my job. I still did… kind of…

I was working as a project manager for an internet agency, and I was frustrated.

I was frustrated with my client’s stupid questions and frustrated with all the online success around me.

Clients of mine had launched successful websites, and colleagues of mine with other agencies were launching online products or had their successful side projects.

It’s not that I was poor or that the job was too hard. I had definitely worked harder jobs before in my youth, but still, I just felt kind of stuck, like I was going nowhere.

In October 2015, everything changed. My dad died. I was devastated.

He was a good man, kind and honest, but we never had a deep connection. I have only a few happy memories of him from my childhood.

He was always away. When I was younger, we saw him from time to time on weekends and during holidays. In later years, it was even less.

Then he moved to a little flat by his workplace, 200 km away…

I guess I never really understood his determination, working for his boss overtime while spending time away from his family.

I also didn’t understand his decision to put up a personal guarantee of $210,000 for a business loan for his boss. I could never really understand or forgive that…

Because of this decision, we lost our house, our home…

But now he was dead, and I was mourning. His death made me reflect on my own life deeply.

I was 45, still single, and working 50 hours weeks for my boss.

Was this how the rest of my life was going to be?

I decided that something had to change.

So I did as those around me had done, and I went online to make money. I figured if I earned about 10.000,- € a month, it would be enough to quit my job and start traveling the world…

I at least needed 3.000,- € a month to quit my job and to be able to concentrate completely on my online business.

I helped my clients get their businesses started online, and I was quite knowledgeable when it came to online marketing.

At least, that’s what I thought…

But the “make money online” market was way different from the usual German online business market. There were a lot of players, lots of bragging, lots of half-truths, lots of old strategies…

And lots and lots of information that was kind of confusing, especially when you try to work through it because sometimes the information contradicted itself.

So, I did what I thought I knew how to do: build websites in German and try to get traffic to them, and use Google AdSense and sell pop-up traffic. It was a really stupid idea, since I knew only the basics of SEO.

I got quickly frustrated with my lack of success and decided that it was because of the market. The German market was simply too small for me…

I figured I needed to be in the English-speaking market to be successful.

So, I looked online and bought some online-marketing products that promised quick and easy results…

They were about email marketing.

I thought, great… no need to show your face, no need to record your voice. Since English isn’t my first language, I am a little self-conscious about my German accent.

So, I followed the advice those products gave me and decided on building an email list and marketing affiliate products to my list.

Both things for which I knew absolutely nothing about…

But I had the products I bought, so what could go wrong?

Those products showed me the process, but I still had a lot of questions…

But there was nobody explaining to me the difference between cold and warm traffic, what a funnel is, the different qualities of solo ad traffic…

No one warned me of cheap “mixed clicks” offers…

I felt pretty alone. There was no one to ask for help, so I did exactly as those products told me to…

Just buy solo ads and build your list; monetize later.” So, that’s what I did.

I ended up with an email list that was 10,000 strong, which was dead, totally unresponsive and therefore totally unusable….

I had over 10,000 leads but I was unable to make a single sale, not one…

The worst part was, I had financed this dead, unresponsive list on credit, which left me 21,000,- € in debt.

So, I gave up. I settled with my life. There was no way I could risk more money if I wanted to have any chance of paying back the loans…

For almost a year, I didn’t read any articles or watch any videos. I did nothing concerning making money online—nothing al all.

I simply was done.

I probably would still be in that phase if it wasn’t for meditation. Yep, meditation brought me back to wanting to make money online. It’s kind of strange, I know…

I always had a little temper problem, and after years of hearing about meditation from friends and in the media, I finally started to meditate…

Merely 10 minutes of vipassana meditation a day helped me not only to become much calmer but also to gain clarity about my life goals, about what I wanted from life for myself and for my family.

It became clear to me that I wouldn’t achieve my goals without money, so I decided to try again to get my 3 – 10 thousand Euros a month, but this time I wanted to do it the right way.

I friend of mine suggested Jono Armstrong Ministry of Freedom program. Jono is a bestselling author and a 7-figure marketer with over 5 years of experience. 

He has become a really good teacher and mentor.

“It’s a kind of hand-holding program; nothing is kept from you. He gives you everything you need, a whole profit cycle and all the information.”

So I tried it, and it was everything my fried said it was and more…

It was great. The program was working, I finally not only had leads but conversions, and I was starting to make some real money online…

Have I reached my goal of a steady 10.000,- € a month income?

Nope, not quite …yet 😉

But I am on the right path and expect to be able to finally quit my job within the next year.

And yes, I am building a list again as part of one of my strategies. 

Because as I have learned, you have to have multiple streams of income.

The online world is a rapidly changing environment… being dependent only on Google, or Facebook or your email list for your income is simply short-sighted and dangerous.

You also need people you can trust, someone to show you the ropes, a teacher, a coach, a mentor.

This someone has to show you not only the basics but also relevant and current strategies he is using successfully.

There are no shortcuts to success but you also have to take action… simply reading about it is not enough… you must do it!

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